Top 5 Easy Gardening Tips

As we welcome in 2018, we thought it would be nice to come up with 5 simple ideas to make life a little bit easier in the garden this year. Here are five genuine and simple tips to help ease the load on the green fingers!


Make shovelling a whole lot easier by spraying your shovel with a silicone or Teflon lubricant . A solid coating of this will make soil fly off much more efficiently. Ask your local DIY centre for the best product!

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Lavender is not only a beautiful looking shrub, it smells divine, which adds an instant magic to any outdoor space. There's some great information about lavender on the RHS website by clicking here.

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We all know we've got to do it at some point! Make the spring planting a breeze by cleaning out and preparing your pots in advance - you know you'll thank yourself in a couple of months!

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Sounds obvious but a careful and considered watering routine is an essential part of a good garden care. Most people consider it best practice to water early in the morning, giving more attention to the youngest plants, and avoid getting large amounts of water on the leaves.

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Find your favourite corner of the garden and do everything you need to make it your own. Even when a garden is young and yet to mature, viewing the growth from an idyllic spot can be a rich and rewarding process. And after all, it's your space - enjoy it!

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